Gina's Bio
Born in 1973, I had to wait an additional 11 years till my parents were convinced that my love for horses was not a passing phase and so they finally agreed to pay for regular riding lessons. Thank you, guys! I still recall that very first lesson on a cold November afternoon on a chestnut mare called Piroschka. With only one lesson per week, my greed to learn was by far not fulfilled, so I helped with barn chores to earn additional riding and vaulting lessons. Some years later I was asked to substitute teach children's and beginner's group lessons and soon the  training of horses followed. The stable also worked with a group of disabled people providing therapeutic riding, which was a great experience and enrichment, both personally and professionally.
Since the basic training in Germany includes Dressage and Jumping, I competed in both disciplines at first, although soon leaving the jumper world behind.  However, at the age of 19 I quit showing all together for a while and focussed on training only.

After my move to Berlin, I continued training horses in Dressage for a private stable.

In 2003 during a travel across the USA I met a wonderful man, who was the reason to get married, move to Arizona and have two children. Thinking that I will never see an English saddle again (here in the wild west) I almost surrendered to learn how to ride western-style.

But instead I hung up a flyer in local feed + tack stores and vet offices hoping to be lucky and find a student or two. The signal was obvious: within three weeks the calendar was full. What a great sign. Dressage is growing even here in the remote western areas of the US so much that two of my students and I founded the DRESSAGE DESPERADOS in October 2007 in order to offer more schooling shows and provide additional opportunities here in the Tri-City-Area for people to get their horses out, practise and learn about this sport.

In USA I have competed successfully from Training Level through I-1 and earned the USDF broze and silver medals. I feel very grateful to work with several wonderful horses and students as an instructor, trainer and coach. Running the barn, training horses and people, attending several shows per year and being a mother of two creates a very tight schedule but even more so a very fulfilling life. HMD is serving the Prescott area since 2005.

Photo by Bob Larson

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