Goals and Visions
Often while riding a horse I am in complete awe - here I am, a potential predator, and this incredible animal not only lets me sit on his/her back, but performs movements smooth and relaxed with me being able to guide and shape it's immense power into dance movements. Communication and harmony at work. Moments like this blow me away and it is invigorating and stunning to feel a horse blossom underneath me. My biggest goal in my professional life is to never lose this appreciation and gratitude for horses and to keep my amazement for these moments of mutual understanding.

In my life journey so far I had the pleasure to work with some great teachers and students as well as horses across all levels. But only portions of the whole range were touched at a time and I had never had the honor to train a single horse from zero (meaning completely raw and untouched) to GP. I would love to experience this some day and can only imagine what an incredible bond that must be.

I believe that the person you have trained with does not tell anything about yourself or if you were able to have used the knowledge shared from this trainer/instructor. Everyone can pay for a lesson with a big name trainer.

The best teacher you can ever have is the horse. A 30 year old three legged backyard horse or 7 year old flashy warmblood. It does not matter. They will teach you things that no instructor can get across to you. But you need to is listen!

Dressage will unfortunately neither save the planet, nor stop hunger or war. This sport deserves devotion and serious work, but it is sometimes taken too seriously. People get tense and moody, even at local schooling shows. I think since Dressage is not that powerful to destroy or save the planet - we might as well have fun with it, enjoy it together and learn from each other.

Gina's for fun on a Mammoth Jack Donkey - BESS JACKSTOCK'S VALENTINO
Fall 2007

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